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Bristol Type 200

Bristol Type 200

G2198  This is an artists impression of a proposed medium jet passenger aircraft from around 1956. It would have used the Bristol Orpheus gas turbine but stayed on the drawing board. This and other rear engined aircraft were schemed by the Bristol project office for sub sonic short to medium range routes. These were in parallel with the companies supersonic transport studies.

The Hawker Siddeley Trident ultimately filled the specification. Other engine options were Olympus 551's or J-57's
Publisher Bristol Aeroplane Company
Contributor Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust
Creator corporatename, Bristol Aeroplane Company; ,
Date creation, 1956; ,
Type Photographic prints, Black and white; ,
Format dimension.H, 195 mm; dimension.W, 240 mm; , ; ,
Identifier R8902177
Source Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust
Language EN
Relation , ; , ; , ; ,
Coverage Location.Creation Site, Filton, South Gloucestershire; , ; , ; ,
Rights Bristol Aeroplane Company/Rolls-Royce
File created 4:2:1, 17/5/2004