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Aviation Archive: Maps of Filton and Patchway

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All records from the 1915 map, row: 3 col: 4.

Ref. Title Link
G1664Bristol Coanda TB 8View this record >
G1794Bristol Flying SchoolView this record >
G1378West side of AirfieldView this record >
G1389Filton AirfieldView this record >
G2737Staff CanteenView this record >
G2856The airfield viewed from the eastView this record >
G1584Jupiter Engines Outside Factory BuildingView this record >
G1141Type 101View this record >
G1140BoxkiteView this record >
G1138BoxkiteView this record >
G1522Bristol Coanda MonoplaneView this record >
G2767Bristol FighterView this record >

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