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Aviation Archive: Maps of Filton and Patchway

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All records from the 1955 map, row: 3 col: 4.

Ref. Title Link
G1655Factory Stores No 3 ShopView this record >
G1738Materials Laboratory - West WorksView this record >
G1178Jet engine test bedsView this record >
G2048Aerial View of East Works: PatchwayView this record >
G2050Aerial View of East WorksView this record >
G1649Jig Drawing Office - Main Office East WorksView this record >
G1238BAC Number 2 Shop at PatchwayView this record >
G1387Rolls-Royce West WorksView this record >
G1194The Engine department office blockView this record >
G1237BAC Factory Workshop Number 2 At PatchwayView this record >
G1370Olympus test bedsView this record >
G1181High Altitude Test Plant - 1957View this record >
G2614Aerial View of Rolls-Royce H.A.T.P.View this record >
G2550Office staffView this record >
G1696Female Typists - Engine Offices September 1958View this record >

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