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G1149. Britannia 9Q-CJH seen here doing a very low pass over the factory at Filton. The aircraft was carrying several Proteus engines, no longer supported by the factory and en-route to a company in Coventry for overhaul. The aircraft went on to Zaire for a number of years but following the civil war went down to Lanseria near Johanesbourg for a complete inspection overhaul, during which landing instrumentation was deemed U/S and expensive to replace. Roger Hargreaves was contacted and told, 'The aircraft is yours if you can shift it soon or it will be scrapped'. Roger found a willing South African crew and we now have a Britannia with some airframe hours left on it at the Bristol Aero Collection currently residing on kemble Airfiels in Gloucestershire.
PublisherRolls Royce plc
ContributorRolls-Royce Plc
Creatorcorporatename - Rolls Royce Plc
Datecreation - 1990's
TypePhotographic prints - Black & White
Formatdimension.H - 180 mm
dimension.W - 230 mm
SourceRolls Royce plc
Coverageperiod - 1993
Location.Creation Site - Filton
RightsRights as agreed and detailed in signed agreement with Rolls-Royce