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Commemorative Concorde Book

Commemorative Concorde Book

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G1157. Concorde Flight into the future, the story of the British and French technical achievement in building Concorde a new dimension in air travel. Developing Concorde represented the first and most important step towards a European industry capable of undertaking the most advanced projects and competing vigoroursly in world markets. Over £800 million was set aside to produce the first Concordes. The Anglo-French Supersonic Treaty was signed by Britain's Minister of Aviation Julian Amery, and French Ambassador Geoffroy de Courcel on November 29th 1962. This commemorative book illustrates not only the technical achievements starting with the research and development during the mid-fifties, but the near downfalls of the project up to the final details leading up to when it enters service in 1974.
PublisherThe Macmillan Commercial Promotions Unit Copyright 1972 The Macmillan Press Ltd
ContributorBetty Beardmore
Creatorcorporatename - British Aircraft Corporation
Datecreation - circa 1972
TypeBookplates - Coloured
Formatformat.original - Book
IdentifierBetty Beardmore
SourceBetty Beardmore
Coverageperiod - circa 1972
Location.Creation Site - Filton, South Gloucestershire
RightsBae Systems