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Air raid September 1940 at Filton

Air raid September 1940 at Filton

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G1409. These maps were all purchased by the German war machine prior to 1939 but show all the buildings in the factory. Intelligence gathered would tell them which were important and therefore primary targets. Following this, Ordnance Survey ceased putting this information on to their maps. Many of the buildings depicted here were only built following the Shadow Factory initiative which began around 1935.
Part of the German flight group plans for the air raid on the works at Filton which took place on 25th September 1940. In total 141 people were killed, 92 in the factory and many around the perimeter. It was a text book raid. Detail:
1 Flying school
2 Administration building
3 Run way - the East/West runway is not shown on ths map but would have been visible to the crews.
4 Engine factory ( ? ) of the Bristol Aeroplane Company Co. Ltd. (This is the East Works, the smaller blocks, lower right, are the engine test sheds)
ContributorBristol Reference Library Ken Wakefield
Creatorrole - German air force
Datecreation - 1940-09-25
TypeMaps - Topographic maps
Formatformat.original - map
IdentifierGB 74 52
SourceLuftwaff 1940
Coveragepoint - 09251940
Location.Creation Site - Filton
RightsAs agreed with Bristol Reference library