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Bristol Siddeley entrance 1967

Bristol Siddeley entrance 1967

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G2489. This picture shows the factory entrance fronting the main A38 in 1967. Following the changes in 1959 when Bristol Aero Engine Ltd amalgamated with Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd. to form Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd., jointly owned by the Bristol Aeroplane Company and the Hawker Siddeley Group. Subsequently, Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd absorbed the de Havilland Engine Co. Ltd. and Blackburn Engines Ltd after their respective parent companies had joined the Hawker Siddeley Group. In 1966 Rolls-Royce acquired the Bristol Aeroplane Company itself and in 1968 gained control of the shares for Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd.

Parked in front of the building are many cars of the period including several examples of Ford Cortina Mk 1, Vauxhalls, Mini's, Austin 1100's and others.
PublisherBristol Siddeley
ContributorRolls-Royce Heritage Trust
Creatorcorporatename - Bristol Siddeley
Datecreation - 1967-11-17
TypePhotographs - Black and White
Formatdimension.H - 190 mm
dimension.W - 245 mm
SourceRolls-Royce Heritage Trust
Relationbased on - Engine works offices
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Filton, South Gloucestershire
RightsRolls-Royce plc