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Peter Colston

Peter Colston

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G2798. Following the restructuring by the British Government of Rolls-Royce to form Rolls-Royce (1971) Limited, the RB211 programme was back on schedule. As one of Stanley Hooker's team Peter Colston prepared formal engineering requests and delivered them to Eric Scarfe (Production) and Trevor Salt (Experimental Manuafacture). The organisation was up and running again, and the rest is history.
PublisherRolls-Royce (1971) Limited
ContributorRolls-Royce Heritage Trust
Creatorcorporatename - Rolls Royce (1971) Ltd
Datecreation - Circa 1971
TypePhotographic prints - Black and White Photograph
Formatdimension.W - 190 mm
dimension.H - 240 mm
SourceRolls-Royce Heritage Trust
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Filton
RightsRolls-Royce plc