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The Type 167 Bristol Brabazon

The Type 167 Bristol Brabazon

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G3305. The Bristol Brabazon Mk1 Type 167 a view looking down on the port wing engine installation. Each 32 degree pair is coupled to a gearbox driving a 16 foot Rotol propellor. Props are contra-rotating, co-axial, 3 blades, with self contained constant speed, feathering and pitch reversing mechanism. Engine drives are independant. Engines are accessible in flight. Accessories are driven off two gearboxes, one on each inboard installation and all services are duplicated.
ContributorAIRBUS, Filton
Creatorcorporatename - Bristol Aeroplane Company
Datecreation - 1949-01
TypeDigital images - Digital photographs
Formatresolution - 72 dpi
SourceAIRBUS, Filton
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Filton, South Gloucestershire