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Brabazon - Naked at night

Brabazon - Naked at night

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G1028. Brabazon seen in the old flight sheds, where the early construction took place. 'Brabazon in naked form'. This image shows the ribs and spars to which the skin would be rivetted. Bristol had pioneered metal construction using the principles of stressed skin to take not only the flight loads but also the static loads when taxying and on the ground. This picture, less than 12 months after VE day shows her as a bare skeleton at night. 24 hour working had ceased with the end of hostilities and people tried hard to regain some normality to life and work. However, due to delays it would not be until September 4th 1949 that the aircraft would make its maiden flight.
PublisherBristol Aeroplane Company
ContributorBristol Reference Library
Creatorcorporatename - Bristol Aeroplane Company
Datecreation - Circa 1946
TypePhotographic prints - Black & White
Formatdimension.H - 180 mm
dimension.W - 240 mm
SourceBristol Central Reference Library
Coverageperiod - Post WW2
Location.Creation Site - Filton, South Gloucestershire
RightsAs agreed with Bristol Reference library