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Special Line of Wing Stringers

Special Line of Wing Stringers

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G1203. Women worked in the Wing Stringer Shed at British and Colonial Aeroplane Company Limited during the First World War. This photograph is dated November 26, 1918, so only just after Armistice Day. On this day the government cancelled their orders for aircraft, so they must have thought at this time how they might soon be out of a job. Eventually the government decided to renew contracts for work still in production. The photograph is taken inside the factory, on the third from left with arrow pointing at her is Ada Smith. The other ladies as yet unknown. Notice the mop hats they had to wear, and they appear to be wearing similar dresses under their overalls.
PublisherBritish & Colonial Aeroplane Company Ltd
Creatorcorporatename - British & Colonial Aeroplane Company Ltd
Datecreation - Circa 1918-11-26
TypePhotographs - Photographic postcards
Formatdimension.H - 55mm
dimension.W - 83mm
SourceMr Donald Smart - donated
Coveragepoint - 1918-11-26
RightsDonald Smart