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Filton Memorial Service In St Peter'sChurch September 1990

Filton Memorial Service In St Peter'sChurch September 1990

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G1403. There was a Memorial Service held at St Peter's Church, Filton in September 1990. This was held to commemorate all those who lost their lives during the bombing raid of 25th September 1940, it was conducted by the Revd. Brian Arman Rector of Filton. Mary found the service so moving that she wrote this poem, it reads as follows:

Sept 25th 1940 - Sept 25th 1990

That day was bathed in sunshine, and mellow fruitfulness.
Light upon green meadows, in emerald loveliness.
But those of us who did survive, will remember that noon-day hour,
As the second air-raid warning, sounded from the tower.
Like a flash of summer lightning, planes bore down on us, from the blue,
I remember each and everyone of us, in shelter 622.
Noise and smell of sulphur, hell descending from the skies.
We prayed and sat there, trembling, our shelter cracked from side to side.
So, today at St Peters, Filton, the service so well portrayed.
Hymms so aptly chosen, and words of comfort said.
My heart was full, to bursting, so proud was I to be,
among those who paid a tribute, of that 'tragic' memory.
So to those who are left, be thankful, not knowing what the
future will hold
But I'm sure we all have 'special' memories,
And it's we who are left, now grow old.
PublisherMary Rose Dury
ContributorMary Rose Dury
Creatorpersonalname - Mary Rose Dury nee Dyer
Datecreation - c1990
TypePoetry  - Handwritten Poetry
Formatformat.original - 
SourceMary Rose Dury nee Dyer
Coveragepoint - c1990
Location.Creation Site - Filton
RightsMary Rose Dury