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Sycamore demonstration tour

Sycamore demonstration tour

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G1653. Landing at L'Arcade Du Palaise Du Cinquantenaire in Brussels. The Bristol Sycamore continues its demonstration tour around Europe in 1951. This was a very sophisticated small helicopter and the factory had high hopes of gaining the executive market. In 1951 the roads in Europe were still being built and the routes that we take for granted today were yet to come and the helicopter looked to be an answer.
PublisherBristol Aeroplane Company Limited
ContributorWestland Helicopters Ltd
Creatorcorporatename - Bristol Aeroplane Company Ltd
Datecreation - Circa 1951
TypePhotographic prints - Black and White Photograph
Formatdimension.H - 178mm
dimension.W - 235mm
SourceWestland Helicopters Ltd
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Filton
period - Post WW2
RightsBristol Aeroplane Company/Rolls-Royce/Westland Aircraft Ltd