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Bristol Scout F

Bristol Scout F

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G1956. The Bristol Scout F came about in an effort to make single engined fighting Scouts capable of outflying their opponents over the artillery lines. Rotary engines had reached their limits and something new was required. Two Scout F's were designed, the Barnwell one, a tractor type was chosen and it was decided to complete the production of two, B3989 and BB3990, they would both have Arab engines despite their vulnerability of vibration. They were flown by the Central Fling School instructors who found the aircraft superior to he SE.5A but with that engine it did not proceed.
PublisherBritish & Colonial Aeroplane Company Ltd
ContributorBristol Aero Collection
Creatorcorporatename - British & Colonial Aeroplane Company Ltd
Datecreation - C1917
TypePhotographic prints - Black and White
Formatdimension.H - 70 mm
dimension.W - 90 mm
SourceBristol Aero Collection
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Filton
period - C1918