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Bristol Blenheim IV (1939)

Bristol Blenheim IV (1939)

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G2068. A Bristol Blenheim in 1939, these fighter/Bombers constituted the major bulk of RAF Bomber Command at the outbreak of war, mainly due to forward thinking individuals like Lord Rothermere, Winston Churchill and several others who realised the real enormity of the threat posed by Germany and its allies during the 1930's. These aircraft, although not as good as had been hoped for still gave a good account of themselves until further aircraft came along to join them.
PublisherFlight Magazine
ContributorPeter Young
Creatorcorporatename - Flight Magazine
Datecreation - circa 1939
TypePhotocopies - Black & White
Formatdimension.H - 130 mm
dimension.W - 210 mm
IdentifierPeter Young
SourcePeter Young
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Filton
RightsFlight magazine