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Letter of condolence

Letter of condolence

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G2483. This is a transcript of the personal letter, images G2484, G2485, G2486. From the Officer Commanding 21 (B) Squadron RAF Watton in 1940. It was sent to the parents of Observer Sergeant Albert Williams, barely 20 who died when his aircraft was shot down following a successful raid. It would have been cold comfort to parents who had lost a son in the defence of his country.
PublisherRoyal Air Force
ContributorJack Williams
Creatorcorporatename - Royal Air Force
Datecreation - 1940-06-17
TypeLetters - correspondence
Formatdimension.H - 140 mm
dimension.W - 210 mm
IdentifierPersonal item
SourceJack Williams Collection
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Thetford, Norfolk