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Map of Route to Lake Jura Finland

Map of Route to Lake Jura Finland

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G2487. A map section showing the route taken by the twelve Blenhiem crews after take off from Dyce Airport in Aberdeenshire. Their first stop was Stavenger in Norway after the hazardous crossing of the North Sea. Germany would have Condor aircraft on patrol besides the Naval ships below keeping watch for any likely targets. After Stavenger the crews next stop was Vastera to the North of Stockholm in Sweden.
ContributorJack Williams
Datecreation - 1940
TypeMaps - Topographic maps
Formatdimension.H - 220 mm
dimension.W - 526 mm
Identifierpersonal collection
SourceJack Williams Collection
Relationbased on - Blenheim Flight to Finland
larger context for - Flight route map
Coverageperiod - 1940
RightsJack Williams