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The Target Map

The Target Map

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G1413. These carefully selected and bought maps showed some of the forward planning that the German high command had gone to prior to the war which began in 1939. They had full details of every establishment producing war materials and carefully made plans for there destruction.
The air raid on Filton 25th September 1940, this map shows the layout of the Airframe manufacturing facility at Filton. It also shows the location of the air raid shelters some of which took direct hits. Details:
1 Manufacture & Assembly hangars approx 30,000sq mtrs - Rodney Works
2 Air Raid Shelters
3 Manufacturing Hangars - approx. 84,000 sq mtrs
4 Air Raid shelters
5 Outbuildings and storage buildings approx. 2000 sq mtrs
6 Administration buildings approx 8,000 sq mtrs
- built up area approx 124,000 sq mtrs
- whole area - approx 430,000 sq mtrs
At the top of the picture one can see the grey squares that denote the buildings of the engine division, along Gipsy Patch lane, which largely escaped damage during this raid.
ContributorBristol Reference Library
Creatorattribution - German air force
Datecreation - 1940-09-25
TypeMaps - map
Formatformat.original - Map
IdentifierGB 74 52
SourceBristol reference library
CoverageLocation.Current Repository - Bristol reference library
Location.Creation Site - Filton, South Gloucestershire
period - 1940
RightsAs agreed with Bristol Reference library